My Cloud Life – Productivity

So – what do i do in my online presence time – spawning around the Cloud (or Internet). Well, everything starts with the browser, and i am a Google Chrome Fan Boy. I hate to admit it, but the Big Bad Wolf makes an excellent browser.

Did i not like life with Internet Explorer (well, sometimes i did) – how about Firefox (most of the time i did) but i have hardly ever come across a situation where i wish to use another browser, i have just been forced to do so, due to compliance for Websites and Microsoft Defined Services (and Sharepoint Sites).

The Online Sync/Replication – the Integration to Gmail and Other Services, the Apps View in Chrome, let me jump straight into my favorite tools and access these. I actually will be a true believer in the value of the Chrome Book – once i comes into my possession.

Email and IM

GMAIL – Well, i do not care what other people say about Google and Privacy – Once you have embraced the cloud – and started to use GMAIL, i have a hard time looking back to “Old School”. But again, all the things i need – for doing actions is within the same interface, and even access to Notes and Calendars, makes it a dream to work with.

My favorite functions in Gmail; Send and Archive – The Labels (Yes, i actually do think they make sense) and the Integrated Chat/Google Talk.

Social Networking

Well, what is there to say here; i did terminate my Facebook account, i do not have MySpace so i am only using two other services like this – Google+ and the Business Network LinkedIn.

Google+ is for me an extended RSS Feed – just in a nicer shape or form. I subscribe to things i like, and comment here and there, but hardly very active there.

LinkedIN – is my main source of information, almost every day the first site i log into; i maintain my “business value in there” as well as keep connected to friends and colleagues.

… more to come…


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