Sometimes, it’s worth fighting for.

Being a Cloud Employee, and heavy duty home worker, stable internet connection has always been a “must have” and an absolute requirement for my work (and success).

A bit of history: I moved to Sweden (in 2006) after a short stop over in Odense (Denmark) prior to our 4 years in Singapore. Me (and the family) rely on Internet, Internet and Internet – Browsing, Skype, Webcams, VPN to office and much more, and i have to admit; we have been satisfied with the delivery of Bredbandsbolaget all the way.

Recently (2012) we have seen that our consumption patterns has changed – We have used (for a few years) the excellent speed of the 24Mbit Delivery (or what they call it nowadays) – giving us a throughput of 16Mbit (Quite sufficient), i know there are others who has more, but using it for work, is not the same as constant streaming and downloading. Our upload mode was a measly 0.8Mbit, but it has worked for us for some time.

But – Moving more and more stuff to “The Cloud” also changes patterns – and i decided to contact Bredbandsbolaget – to enquire what they could do something about the Upload Speed – it was quite often that my system “choked during upload” or rather; making it unbearable to do my job.

So contacted support – i thought; it worth a try – and if they would request additional $$ – then i had to investigate the options.

After a few days waiting time (sent in via email) i was contacted by the team – advised that it would be possible to “enhance upload, but would happen on behalf of download speed”. I confirmed my request, and now (a few days later again) – they have advised that the changes have been processed.

Coming home from work today, made me wonder; What was the actual Impact… And Yes’ssir !! My upload speed is now 2,3Mbit, and download has dropped to 13Mbit; and it seems to be stabile.

I would like to thanks “Bredbandsbolaget” for being a Service Provider who cares about your customers; i am for sure one of these who appreciate.


One thought on “Sometimes, it’s worth fighting for.

  1. I agree. Our Bredbandsbolaget DSL connection in Lund has never been off-line, running for 6 years now.

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