The Blame Game – But nobody Wins

Situation, you are a consultant assigned as lead engineer for an important customer. Your team successfully executes a carefully planned network upgrade and firewall replacement for #1 customer.

You’ve had planning meetings, you provided two weeks advance notice of the changes, tested the config and checked every detail. You’ve completed the upgrade well within the weekend maintenance window. After final testing you email the customer that the upgrade was completed successfully.

On Monday morning, your cell phone starts ringing before you get to the office. It’s the customer you upgraded over the weekend. Breathless, he tells you the entire accounting department hasn’t been able to print since the firewall upgrade. They need to process salary by 11:00 this morning….. This is urgent, high profile, they’ve already called the IT-Manager. He said to call you directly.

“What? That’s not possible. The firewall doesn’t have anything to do with printing in the accounting department.” You explain all this to the customer, but to no avail. The Blame Game has begun.

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The G/M/O Apps – Experience and Dream Scenario

As many of you may know, i work in the Cloud -for the (symantec) Cloud and with Cloud Offerings. And still (for work) rely on simple tools like Microsoft Office (nothing wrong with the tool itself) – but not exactly the kind of service i would prefer.

I have (purely personal) seen myself as a Google Apps user for several years (even before i joined my current employer) i have utilised the services offered by (hmmm) Google – and i must give praise where relevant – ….and currently i do think the Big G is leading the effort – no HW/SW requirement, just us and consume the services.

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Work / Life Balance Challenges (Email after hours)

I was recently reading in an article, about a company (i think it was VW/Germany) who has imposed a ban (for a test group of employees), actually a technical block (Email only) in the usage of mobile devices – after the employee shift is over, in this case it was the Blackberry usage (but i am sure it could be done with other mobile systems also).

The decision to enable / disable the receiving / sending and usage of the Blackberry devices to (30 minutes before and after work hours) seems quite excessive, and although you can see the advantages of forcing staffer’s to take a “rest” – it has also in my opinion a very flawed.

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My Cloud Life – Productivity

So – what do i do in my online presence time – spawning around the Cloud (or Internet). Well, everything starts with the browser, and i am a Google Chrome Fan Boy. I hate to admit it, but the Big Bad Wolf makes an excellent browser.

Did i not like life with Internet Explorer (well, sometimes i did) – how about Firefox (most of the time i did) but i have hardly ever come across a situation where i wish to use another browser, i have just been forced to do so, due to compliance for Websites and Microsoft Defined Services (and Sharepoint Sites).

The Online Sync/Replication – the Integration to Gmail and Other Services, the Apps View in Chrome, let me jump straight into my favorite tools and access these. I actually will be a true believer in the value of the Chrome Book – once i comes into my possession.

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Sometimes, it’s worth fighting for.

Being a Cloud Employee, and heavy duty home worker, stable internet connection has always been a “must have” and an absolute requirement for my work (and success).

A bit of history: I moved to Sweden (in 2006) after a short stop over in Odense (Denmark) prior to our 4 years in Singapore. Me (and the family) rely on Internet, Internet and Internet – Browsing, Skype, Webcams, VPN to office and much more, and i have to admit; we have been satisfied with the delivery of Bredbandsbolaget all the way.

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