My Cloud Life – And Tools

As many of you most likely know, i am working in Symantec (Cloud) in a Technical Role – supporting our Enterprise Clients and Partners with multiple actions and requirements – based on our portfolio available.

I am a true believer in the Cloud (obvious) – but i also see the pitfalls and mistakes that people assume, when using/purchasing or acquiring such a service. I will try and describe my PERSONAL opinion in the next few Blog Posts, about my usage of Cloud Services – these are (Big emphasis on the message my Personal Opinion) and to secure that i am not biased, i will not mention (to many) from the organisation i work for.


First Of all – i have since 2006 used the Swedish Provider (Bredbandsbolaget). Their service have been excellent (as seen from my side) and i have no grief with their service in general – but it’s time to re-evaluate my situation – and this is due to Upload Speeds.

Most ISP have increased download speeds in recent years. That’s great for things like streaming movies or music from the Web, but it doesn’t help you want your stuff uploaded to the cloud in the first place.

The upload speed on Bredbandsbolaget is a fraction of the download speed. My broadband in the house shoots up to 16Mbps (Promised 24Mbps) downloading, but only uploads at about 0.8Mbps. The Internet is rapidly evolving from a one-way pipe to a two-way road, and we need upload speeds to be more aligned with the download speeds to make cloud services and utilisation.

When do they ever learn – to customize a service to the new world !! Same delivery (has been excellent so far) for a few years, but time has come to the “Upgrade”.

DNS Records

What have i done to deserve this – or how much negative impact did i see, when using the Bredbands provided DNS Servers, certain sites was blocked, but then again certain was not. My challenge with 2 boys at home, is that i would like to set a baseline with access and which types of content is served to these boys – so i have embraced the Norton DNS offering Connect Safe.. I have been able to establish settings that are relevant for protecting my family – without installing any software.

Jump In – You can use it for Free – as long as it is personal usage.


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