Another try; Getting back to Linux

….and rants about the OS Choices.

Have been on and off different platforms for many years – I have found myself in the interest in moving back to the Linux Environment, not that I am displeased with the Microsoft Offering, just not sure this is the way ahead for my desktop experience.

Most of today’s actions happen to be Web Based (Surprise) – I am living more and more of the IT-Consumption into the Cloud – finding more and more services that are “Online” – free and paid services in a mix.

My favourite browser these days are the Chrome Browser (From Google) – I have to start by saying this is a real dual edged sword, the browser and services provided by Google, is “let’s put it mildly” a bit concerning in regards to privacy; but the browser customizations and plug-in, does provide a value for my “Net-Life”.

And at this time; i have taken on the bold path ahead – working on a Zorin linux Platform. I am sure most of you haven’t (ever) heard about Zorin before, but Zorin is the “Easy path towards Linux” – this is for the Windows User, who just want some “no fuss OS” in a friendly shape and form. It’s stabile, it has what is required for day to day action’s and still packs a punch when needed. Being a Debian/Ubuntu base, you can find 1000’s of applications that can do this (and that).

For those of you who are still on Windows XP or Vista – or some other OS (Mac people, perhaps) i can only recommend taking a look, You do not need to spend a fortune, to have a trouble free environment, this Distro should be enough for your daily need – without too much Nerd Talk.

Will i perform a distro jump anytime soon; most likely – but for now, i have had the pleasure of the Zorin Magic.


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