The next big thing – Or perhaps small

I think most people working in the industry cannot without any doubt say what is going to happen in years to come.

Tablets and SmartPhone are (currently) taking over the Market, the consumption of Internet based on standard PC’s; Netbooks and Ultrabooks are staggering – and what about the “New Kids on the Block” – the Ultra Light Motherboards (arh, some could feel like full computers) which are entering the market.

I have found it quite interesting to follow the development of several of these Projects, some have been mistakenly funny – others show (some kind of) new hopes and inspiration of what we might see in the future – please follow me here.

Microsoft have had a tremendous success with their Windows Platform – we all “Start Up” (sort of, everyone) sometime during the week our Windows Box (At work, office or somehow) – some people have migrated the Apple Way – but now, as things move on, we are looking at what the future could bring.

Tools like Rasberry PI – the VIA APC Android , and honestly the abundance of Tablets (Cheaper or more expensive) show us a migration, what we used to know, may not be what we see in the future. Internet is consuming information – being video, books, information of simply social networking – heck, even the upcoming Windows 8 (Metro) will get people to change their habits; Unless you are a hardcore Gamer, you will most likely no longer require a Gazillion Ghz and Memory by the bucket, all you information and programs will reside on the cloud, and you computer will be a simple device where you consume.

Welcome back to the Future – The TV has been provided a Revived – it’s just broadcasting the internet.

When was the last time you bought a piece of software (Not game) that you installed on your Windows/Mac Platform – and why did you do it. ??


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