Increase value, what is Human Resource ??

Based on an article I recently read, I have been amazed to see how often companies fail to protect and secure their main assets – the people behind it. We read so much about ”Economical Crisis” and doing less with more, but I am still looking forward to see the day any company really find it relevant to protect internal resources.

If you work in a larger organization – you also have the team of HR/Human Resource to back up the Management, to secure guidelines and rules are being carried out, in a manner to protect and secure both staff and organization.

The challenge is that their operating field (i.e., responsibility) seems to be limited to”rules only, and not for the better good of the origination” thereby ending up with hurting all parties they are involved in.

The Human Resource organization should be treated in the same manner that any other ”Cost/Benefit Measuring Approach” – if/when they are able to make a difference and secure (and protect) the valuable assets of the company=staff members – they achieve and justify their purpose – And when they drop the ball (and the organization loose valuable assets / ie. Staff Members) they should also be a part of the blame.

My opinion of the HR Teams are – show us where you generate value – tell us what you can do to help increase performance for the teams and employees, and don’t stay hidden behind strict rules and official regulations… Do something more than establish and cater to next year’s Xmas Party.. Show us the value.

Read this excellent article. 


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