My Cloud Life – And Tools

As many of you most likely know, i am working in Symantec (Cloud) in a Technical Role – supporting our Enterprise Clients and Partners with multiple actions and requirements – based on our portfolio available.

I am a true believer in the Cloud (obvious) – but i also see the pitfalls and mistakes that people assume, when using/purchasing or acquiring such a service. I will try and describe my PERSONAL opinion in the next few Blog Posts, about my usage of Cloud Services – these are (Big emphasis on the message my Personal Opinion) and to secure that i am not biased, i will not mention (to many) from the organisation i work for.

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Another try; Getting back to Linux

….and rants about the OS Choices.

Have been on and off different platforms for many years – I have found myself in the interest in moving back to the Linux Environment, not that I am displeased with the Microsoft Offering, just not sure this is the way ahead for my desktop experience.

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The next big thing – Or perhaps small

I think most people working in the industry cannot without any doubt say what is going to happen in years to come.

Tablets and SmartPhone are (currently) taking over the Market, the consumption of Internet based on standard PC’s; Netbooks and Ultrabooks are staggering – and what about the “New Kids on the Block” – the Ultra Light Motherboards (arh, some could feel like full computers) which are entering the market.

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