How a little effort – become a tremendous value

Everyone wants a decent salary. That seems obvious to anybody?

The answer varies by age – but in all sense; if you can’t support your family (to your own expectations, you will not be looking around for alternatives). But taking this aside; we are working (and i guess it is the same all around the world) in times – where the Dollar / Euro / Yen or whatever your currency is; is not up for grabs, and most organisation have taken an defensive approach to salary increases.

So what can the organisation do – to satisfy employee’s desire “for more?”

Say “yes” a lot. Establish a culture where employees know that if they come to you with an external event (a course, a conference) and a business case to support it – “Here’s something I think would be particularly helpful, here’s why, and here’s the benefit to the organization,” you’ll seriously consider / and approve it. When people choose their own training / meetings and skills, they feel more invested in it.

Invest in professional associations. Subsidizing employees’ dues sends the message that you think professional development and to acquire new skills are important.

Have you ever thought about hosting an event in your office, this makes attendance much easier for your employees?

Mentorship program / Alliances: At the beginning, be sure to ask what a younger or newer employee is looking for, and select a mentor based on that “as opposed to matching up someone for the sake of it” – and do regular follow up.

These steps can help a lot. But perhaps the most important — and simple — way to help employees learn and grow? If you’ve got somebody on your team who you know wants more, give them more” – If you establish opportunity for growth internally – then there is less likelihood of people to search outside.


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