Time is our friend, not the enemy.

It used to be hard for me to say ‘no’ to people/projects/event.

I think the sheer confusion people have over what consultants actually do all day makes us an easy target. But just because many of us work from home, doesn’t mean we aren’t working. On the contrary, I’d argue, we have to work even harder.

Up until now, and in time to come in future, there is an abundance of interesting projects, tools, services and feature I want to embark upon. There are so many things to read, so many items to review and so many new SW Solutions (and Cloud Solutions) that I want to embrace, that I want I wanted it all.

Up until 2012, I really did think I could do it all—but I can’t. And that’s OK! My goal is to choose to do what is important to me and what I enjoy, while not slacking on my other commitments. Saying no is a freedom I can now employ without feeling guilty or bad. And it feels so good!

So now – you may find me in the possession of rejecting certain projects / engagements or services, i may have the desire but I also have limitations. And with a family “knocking at the office door” – it seems like Priorities are the “Next Big Thing for Me” – so welcome future, there is a lot of you – but I am a selective consumer. 


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