Is Remote Working, Remotely Working??

Well, I for one enjoy the benefit of being employed by a company who has no objective against “Remote Working” – actually we encourage employees to work from home and remote allocations – as long as the job is actually being done.

I have heard from many companies that they suggest “freedom of work” for many employees, but again – have no technologies in place to support this.

Sometimes; we still have to log into the “good old ERP/CRM/HR and similar system” – to get the jobs done, some of our organization do not have basic web mail services available, for the employees to be “forced to start up the old vpn to gain access” – something so 00’s in tendency; Because, once you are logged into our VPN we can actually track you being available.

I work from home 2-3 days (if possible) since it saves me (and the environment – not to forget) a 2.5 hour daily commute – for what – actually to work in an environment with a lot of disturbance and confusion – and not a dedicated work environment. I try to get into the office every Monday – to attend the mandatory M&M (Meetings and Managers) – not that they tend to make things better for me, but purely to benefit the management level of “being there”….

I actually have embraced the technologies, I like working from home, and the fact that it’s my own coffee, my own chair and my own office – that makes certain that my tasks are being done, that my clients are being happy and that (hopefully) my company acknowledges that letting me save these daily two hours makes everyone happy.

If you are not blessed with the same situation as me, then I suggest raise the questions amongst your manager (and teams) what does it take to make this happen.

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