Time is our friend, not the enemy.

It used to be hard for me to say ‘no’ to people/projects/event.

I think the sheer confusion people have over what consultants actually do all day makes us an easy target. But just because many of us work from home, doesn’t mean we aren’t working. On the contrary, I’d argue, we have to work even harder.

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Box.net – Free 50GB to all Android (& Blackberry)

Storage provider Box.net is offering a free 50GB to all Android users who log into the Box application on their Android device before the 23rd of March. The storage upgrade is applicable for life once applied.

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Got the Tablet; Got the Surprise…

I have finally gotten around getting myself a decent tablet (imho). The decision between IPAD (no way), Android(s) from Samsung, Acer etc – made me go a different way – going for the Blackberry Playbook.

And why in the world would I choose the most “limited contender” in the market – well, I do like their approach. Have seen several reviews on Youtube, and also being a “Corporate Blackberry Holder” – I do think it would make sense to try it out. So – how did the test go, now down one week after receiving the unit ??? Rather surprisingly good, if I have to say. I think the combination of the Blackberry Platform (for us who use it) and the Playbook Bridge (http://youtu.be/39d3eOO52dE) is an excellent solution supporting my business needs, and once I switch it off, the playbook become my own – i.e., available for personal usage.

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Is Remote Working, Remotely Working??

Well, I for one enjoy the benefit of being employed by a company who has no objective against “Remote Working” – actually we encourage employees to work from home and remote allocations – as long as the job is actually being done.

I have heard from many companies that they suggest “freedom of work” for many employees, but again – have no technologies in place to support this.

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Surprise of the day – EEE PC with Android 4

Today I had, some time to to certain amount of nerding, and behold – going though the old storage and I found the “good old EEE PC” – the one and first Net book that ever hit the shelves.

Brought to my “in Sweden” by my good old friend (boman) it’s the deification of a gadget, something you bought – version 0.9 – not really production ready and not really useful, but surely something to behold and something to explore in time to come. Continue reading