Got the Tablet; Got the Surprise…

I have finally gotten around getting myself a decent tablet (imho). The decision between IPAD (no way), Android(s) from Samsung, Acer etc – made me go a different way – going for the Blackberry Playbook.

And why in the world would I choose the most “limited contender” in the market – well, I do like their approach. Have seen several reviews on Youtube, and also being a “Corporate Blackberry Holder” – I do think it would make sense to try it out. So – how did the test go, now down one week after receiving the unit ??? Rather surprisingly good, if I have to say. I think the combination of the Blackberry Platform (for us who use it) and the Playbook Bridge ( is an excellent solution supporting my business needs, and once I switch it off, the playbook become my own – i.e., available for personal usage.

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Is Remote Working, Remotely Working??

Well, I for one enjoy the benefit of being employed by a company who has no objective against “Remote Working” – actually we encourage employees to work from home and remote allocations – as long as the job is actually being done.

I have heard from many companies that they suggest “freedom of work” for many employees, but again – have no technologies in place to support this.

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Surprise of the day – EEE PC with Android 4

Today I had, some time to to certain amount of nerding, and behold – going though the old storage and I found the “good old EEE PC” – the one and first Net book that ever hit the shelves.

Brought to my “in Sweden” by my good old friend (boman) it’s the deification of a gadget, something you bought – version 0.9 – not really production ready and not really useful, but surely something to behold and something to explore in time to come. Continue reading