Going Virtual – with Evernote

I am sure a lot of you have hard about this, but finally – i have taken the plunge and jumped into the waters, behold http://www.evernote.com.
The catch – save everything you want, everywhere and store it in the cloud, and on any device.
Is it really true – well: i do believe so. I have activated the services on my Windows Boxes, Blackberry and on the Tablets i have, and wow – its a wonderful solution.

Like i recently also enabled dropbox (yes, i know i may not be the early adopter) but i surely have been focusing about how to secure my “availability” by using Cloud Services, how i can enhance and provide a better platform for myself, this Evernote is just about as good as it gets.
Is it better than Micro$oft OneNote – Absolutely, Can you do the same in Outlook Notes (arh, no) how about Google Notes (Cloud and no platform requirements – No, not really) they all seem to fall short – of the actual task of quick save, store and retrieve.

Se it here: http://youtu.be/zHom6bgqg9Y and read the reasons why:


Some Reasons why you should download and try Evernote

  • You can store data locally and/or synch it to a folder in the cloud
  • It automatically saves notes – there’s no ‘save’ button – just proceed to next action.
  • Nested Notebooks, Tags and Search are excellent
  • Screen-grap that website – Awesome !!!
  • Share with others ?? – Even the Wife like it.
  • The basic version is free
  • Email, share – move and delete – did i forget to say it’s free (basic version)
  • Support for Multiple Platforms – Heck i got it on my Blackberry 🙂

In the same excellent way as many other (platform independent services) i have started to love the approach of not discussing software(s) and programs, but rather focus on the services, and boy – do this service rocks. I anticipate an excellent relationship in time to come, when i learn more about the tool, its services and offerings.


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