To drop (or not to drop)…box…

Having had a chance to evaluate the different services provided by Dropbox and Box.Net, I would like to share the experience, and decision of which service i prefer – and why I have found their opportunity the most appealing.

As a LinkedIn User, I have been a frequent user of the included offerings, which does provide the users access to 5GB storage, free of charge. This service is excellent and something i have come to appreciate – since the amount is sufficient for now, and it was possible for me to share with the LinkedIn Community (both Public Sharing and Invitation Basis).

Although I have my own “Private Storage Cloud at home = 4TB in a Safe Raid Environment – and from a security standpoint I have not provided Internet Access to my NAS (Netgear Readynas) – since I just could not be bothered to set it up.

The account have been good to me, the system are quite efficient, uploads are pretty fast and in general integration with 3’rd party apps have been a killer for me, but now I wanted to automate the system, and having replication of folders, throughout several computers.

So, behold – up with the Credit Card, ready to Upgrade.. .But whoaaaa... Hold your horses, only the business educations have the sync tool, and what?? I have to buy a minimum of 3 licenses (total cost in the areas of 450$). They must be kidding me – and this is only for 25GB storage.

Having had the desire to try out the solution for quite some time; perhaps this was the best opportunity. I did my investigation, the sync tool are included in all versions (including the 2 GB free service) – and now i am also able to access my files form Linux, Android, Blackberry – and several Windows enabled computers.

I will (most likely) have to pull out this Credit Card (again), since surely the 2 GB is not sufficient – but it is certainly with pleasure that offer 50GB for a yearly cost of 100$ as alternative.

The system works, and combined with my existing backup solutions (Symantec/Norton Backup off course) – then I feel I have the access to the right tools. I would strongly encourage you to try it out .. Right here.

Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!


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