The Electronic Pulse

The year of 2011 – will be remembered for many things, maybe i am a bit out early, but i somehow remember something special; How depended we have become of Smart Phones and Mobiles – in general.

We have just encountered (October 2011) a few days of “Challenging Blackberry Connectivity Issues” and as such a public cry-out for “killing the company, switching to IPhone/Android or something else”.

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To drop (or not to drop)…box…

Having had a chance to evaluate the different services provided by Dropbox and Box.Net, I would like to share the experience, and decision of which service i prefer – and why I have found their opportunity the most appealing.

As a LinkedIn User, I have been a frequent user of the included offerings, which does provide the users access to 5GB storage, free of charge. This service is excellent and something i have come to appreciate – since the amount is sufficient for now, and it was possible for me to share with the LinkedIn Community (both Public Sharing and Invitation Basis).

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