What is happening with the usage of mobile services.

Being a person who works in the technology sector, I must admit I love to live in this connected world of opportunities; we are ready to connect, engage and get actions done.

But at the same time, i think we are come to the term, that we have a hard time to live a life without this opportunity, something i find quite strange.

I was in Oslo for a business strip for the last 2 days, and having experienced (first hand) what the Outage of Telenor did to Oslo, it is amazing what happened.

The closure of the services did happen after lunch time (i only experienced at 15:30 due to other engagements). The mobile network was down, i though there was a bug on my telephone, who could image that the network was down??

Once the problem identified, I found out, that the desktop telephone closest to me was not connected (Hey, this has been my seat for 2 days and i did not know) – finally had to move to another chair (argh.. ) to attend my call.

Once completed – out of the door and towards the Oslo Airport, for a trip back to Denmark.

In the train – i noted the travellers with me, staring at the phone, to see when the roaming services brought us out of the grasp of Telenor and into a network; for the passengers quickly to pick up the phone to call (someone) to actually tell them that the conversation could be cut off, since they was on the train ?? and the phone system had problems (like someone else in Norway did not notice).

I am amazed that we have passed the point of no return, we are so much used to the service level from the Network providers, that we have to call someone else, to tell them something is wrong – have our life really become so boring, that this is something to discuss..

I spent 20 minutes on the train in total relaxed environment – although i missed my flight back home / had to get new tickets, due to not being able to call the travel agent to arrange a changed ticket, but silence is something appreciated and hard to come by.

How was your Friday????


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