Maybe its time to get back

Been of the bloggings sphere for quite some time, things in life does always take different turns, and despite trying out new things and services, they fail to find my interest and need.

I have (during 2010) tried to take on the facebook challange, to be an active contributor and find a need for this services, but in vain. I found myself spending a lot of time, with a little (honestly none) value from it, so i decided to ditch the service and havent looked back since. I think i can failry say, the service are not for me, but i am sure other value the service.

Contact Management (Plaxo) was also a service i have tried to keep up with, but have not been using it actively for quite some time. The service of being connected are used on Linkedin, which i still value and as a platform i wish to encourage; so Plaxe has gone, and i am free of this service.

So, now – lets see – can i keep up my dedication to sharing / bloggin and connection with people of mutual interest – it will be quite a challange in the new year.
Welcome to 2011… Looking forward to you you here… (and there).


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