DNS Poisoning and alternative DNS services

The organisation that i Represent (Symantec, Norton) has released a free DNS Service for users (with no regards to their current choice of provider) in regards to provide an alternative service provider to your offerings.

The services are described as: Norton DNS is a service that provides faster and more reliable web browsing with basic security. It doesn’t require a client. You can enable Norton DNS at your router, to protect all the devices in your home, or you can use Norton DNS on individual computers.

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Why work doesn’t happen at work (from TED)

As a professional IT Consultant and Adviser, i have had the pleasure for several years to work from home (from time to time) although i do have the pleasure of my colleges company in our Copenhagen office (on a weekly basis) – although its about 90 minutes away from my home (from door to door).

I would encourage you to view this TED Broadcast, and then read on: Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn’t a good place to do It.

My current role (As a Client Service Manager for Symantec) leaves me with a diverse job, assisting clients all over the Nordic Region with Deployment and Utilisation of our services, and this is (off-course) quite frequently done via Phone Call and Remote Access (our business are within Software as a Service).

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