I've switched to Fedora

I have a confession. I’m not a very faithful person. In the past years I’ve used everything from Ubuntu Linux, OpenSUSE – miscellaneous Windows and Vista Installations – and whatever i found interesting to install.
In all these years, I had annoying bugs after bugs with each release/solution, in the hope that maybe, maybe the upcoming release (or version) will be ‘the golden one’, the one that would solve all my issues. But in vain…

So, I backed up all my stuff and installed Fedora 10.

Fedora Linux is the free community version derivation of Red Hat Linux. While Red Hat Linux is an enterprise-class server Linux OS used in massive computer networks, Fedora is like the ‘free to use’ version more suited to home users. It is also sponsored by Red Hat company. While the community gets sponsorship, Red Hat uses Fedora as test-bed for upcoming new features in their commercial products.

Fedora sure has a lot of new things. I was quite surprised by how different it is from other Linux Distributions, even though it looks the same and does the same thing.
I didn’t need to bother though, because everything, really, just works, and that’s great.

I am not saying i will ditch windows (forever) – but for now, i have taken the path at home, with a Microsoft Free Solution – to find out, can Linux really provide me with the desktop tools that i need.

I am still using Windows (in the office) and at the home server – to test services under VMware – services that will make sure that i am aware of what is going on in the Redmond Camp, but for now .. Welcome to a new world… And by the way, they kids love it – they do not know there should be any differences with the software.


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