Planning for the worst case: the importance of a backup solution

A Backup Strategy should be an integral part of a healthy data system.

Computers and computer components can and will fail; multiple disk failures in RAID configurations, data center catastrophes (no matter how small) and virus infections can take down your system and corrupt critical data.

There is usually no warning before it’s too late. Suddenly data is unrecoverable and lost – and basically data loss can be costly and may impact productivity.

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I've switched to Fedora

I have a confession. I’m not a very faithful person. In the past years I’ve used everything from Ubuntu Linux, OpenSUSE – miscellaneous Windows and Vista Installations – and whatever i found interesting to install.
In all these years, I had annoying bugs after bugs with each release/solution, in the hope that maybe, maybe the upcoming release (or version) will be ‘the golden one’, the one that would solve all my issues. But in vain…

So, I backed up all my stuff and installed Fedora 10.

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