Online CRM Solutions – How much do you need

If there’s any area of my personal organization tasks – that web apps haven’t gotten right yet, it’s the contact manager.

As a busy consultant, i need to be able to quickly add contacts, and pull them up from anywhere, on any computer. An online contact manager that works smoothly would be a great solution for me and many others.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect solution for most people yet. While email, calendar and to-do software is getting better all the time, contact managers are like the ugly cousin that no one pays attention to. Perhaps part of the reason is that people are hesitant to store all of this personal information online — and still, we are perfectly willing to put all of our private emails and contacts in a service such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

Then – there is all the other companies – who jump onboard the CRM process, with their new and flashy CRM System (Microsoft, Siebel, Sales Forge or something completely out there).

They may not have a strategy and ambition with their investment – but they surely have CRM. !!!

This process can kill an organization – having CRM without am ambition / plan and a way to identify the success and gain we can achieve – by actually planning our CRM approach. That is why I something ask people, how much is enough (Online Contact Bok, or the Full Sales Forge Solution.

My best advice is quite simple. Identify your goal – and your desire, and ask yourself, will I really gain any value of the CRM process. Can you do the same – in a without doing the same thing like everyone extra.


3 thoughts on “Online CRM Solutions – How much do you need

  1. If you’re just looking for allways having access to your contact database, then an exchange server, outlook sync’ed with your mobile phone, and Outlook Web Access is a simple to setup but pretty advanced solution.

    But a true cross-platform CRM solution, like you’re talking about, is another story.

  2. The best approach to identify if you need online CRM is to ask yourself what you are doing on the daily base and what can be automated. Do you spend lots of time manually entering data? Do you need access to the data on the field? or in the office only? Do you want to do email campaigns? etc. If you answer yes to above questions, online CRM is a good solution. Just my thought.

  3. I believe that accessing data anytime from anywhere is the key for choosing online CRM. Then it is just a matter of research to find the best suitable company. There are tons of companies who provide online hosting, just pick the one who suits you most and get online and start selling

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