Sources and Network

Reading up these days, give me an insight to the excellence of Einstein: The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. 

This is something i clearly believe in. Having a strong personal network is something i carry with me, and appreciate in my daily life, both as a professional IT consultant – and as an individual who are just trying to live this live, in the best way possible.


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Online CRM Solutions – How much do you need

If there’s any area of my personal organization tasks – that web apps haven’t gotten right yet, it’s the contact manager.

As a busy consultant, i need to be able to quickly add contacts, and pull them up from anywhere, on any computer. An online contact manager that works smoothly would be a great solution for me and many others.

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The Einstein Principle

Education and Experience – Here are some thoughts: I have been reading about Einstein lately – and came to terms with one of his major expressions: Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Basically this expression provides so much insight to daily life, that it could not be much better said. Basically, it not so much what you have learned and tried before, that makes you successful – but the fact that using this previous experience to something, that in future will become valuable.

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Live your life with Intention – not by opportunity.

The idea of the perfect life seems alluring, but what is the perfect live ? – It’s a questions with many difficult answers and I have written about how I work with myself and my priorities – and I want to extend this posting, by adding additional comments.

Intention – Not Opportunity:What does this mean? It means living your life on purpose by defining what you want, knowing where you are going, and simply living out that dream day by day.

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