I am not perfect, but trying to become.

What does it take to become happy and successful in life; is a question asked by many. I am not saying I have the full recipe – but I think (and try) to live by certain rules, which perhaps can bring me closer to the things I want.

My goals and desires are a major part of it – as well as my personal relationship and the involvement I have with other people. I believe that it is possible to plan to become successful / happy or whatever we want, as long as our motivation is there.
My A-list of Actions would say:

1.       What I desire and what I want should become a goal.

Well first of all – I need to be honest to myself. I want certain things in my life, I need to identify what is important for me – and how I actually get there. When it’s comes to weight loss eg. I could say “Loose 10 KG” – but in terms of goals – it’s actually something like losing 10*1KG.
Splitting down a major goal for me (into small pieces) has made me realise – that it is not that impossible.

2.       My Goals becomes a habit of life.

Well, if I did succeed my goal on the way – perhaps I can extend the goal by itself. Perhaps the first goal was only a step in the way (Learning French as an example) – Extending the goal would be go to France (or even better live there for a year).

I just want to make sure that I do not (un)learn the success/achievement I had before.

3.       Track my progress and celebrate the accomplishments.

Well, the whole idea of having a list of goal – is to (constantly) remind myself about the objectives and desires that I have identified, and make sure that a goal on the list – once is achieved – will be remembered as a victory – and properly celebrated.
Remember – celebrating the achievements are important – there was a reason why I put it on the list at the beginning.

4.       Watch out for the Negative Influence.

Well – who said it would be impossible (Well, many people said so) – but do we need to agree with them. NO WAY !!! A negative person does not contribute to you become happy – so what if you can reach the moon – at least you tried and found yourself on a beautiful mountain.
Do not be influenced by people telling you what can or cannot be done.

5.       Keep eyes and ears open.

The wind of change sometimes blows around your corner. Once you set your goals, you start think about them. Having them on the list is important for you – but it also remind you to reflect upon the goals – and when needed take them of the list again.

Well you want to be a millionaire … Good for you …. But once you grow into your real ideal situation in life, you may (or may not) find it a goal to achieve health and personal satisfaction in your relationship. So keep eyes and ears open for new ideas and goals. The list5 should not be carved in stone.. And sometime you should take the time, and re-evaluate the items on that list.

That’s it !! Perhaps the list is not complete, but it does provide me with an indication of what I am doing in my life. This is the way I try and live; Did I reach my goals — Hell No .. But I am working on improving and that is sufficient for me.


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