Pit stop for extra software

If you’re somehow a web worker like me – would be on the constant search for good, free software applications and utilities – which can help you improve.

The web is booming with software – ready for download, some good and some reeeeeaaaally bad 🙂 
With this little posting – I will round up the places, where I search for software and utils there are plenty more, let me know with – feedback to my post / comments and enlighten me.

SourceForge.net. The one and only Source Forge is the place to go. The home of all software (Open Source) that moves, and the software we need to succeed. If you can’t find it here, well – then its going to be a hard search. 
Categories, excellent search function and a match not seen anywhere else, Chance to see the activities within the individual projects and a place to find the solution – no matter what or which platform you are looking for.

TinyApps.org. Well, just a little bunch of surprises here. The site is clear (call it minimalistic) but certainly a place to find the little neat thing that can help you once in a while.

There are many other, let me have you feedback.



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