I am not perfect, but trying to become.

What does it take to become happy and successful in life; is a question asked by many. I am not saying I have the full recipe – but I think (and try) to live by certain rules, which perhaps can bring me closer to the things I want.

My goals and desires are a major part of it – as well as my personal relationship and the involvement I have with other people. I believe that it is possible to plan to become successful / happy or whatever we want, as long as our motivation is there.
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Dont give up – I havent done that.

Been through a lot of actions at my work recently – some of it has been a challenge that I would have been best without, some of it has been a learning experience – errors have been made, but also right decisions have been taken
(and possibly overruled by others) But then again – is that not all about life?

I have come to term with the following sentence: “The freedom to move forward to new opportunities and to produce results – comes from living in the present and not the past”

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Pit stop for extra software

If you’re somehow a web worker like me – would be on the constant search for good, free software applications and utilities – which can help you improve.

The web is booming with software – ready for download, some good and some reeeeeaaaally bad 🙂 
With this little posting – I will round up the places, where I search for software and utils there are plenty more, let me know with – feedback to my post / comments and enlighten me.

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How one can become two (or more)

One of the challenges of being an independent or in the consultant role – is offering all of the services that your clients want.

You can start working for yourself as soon as you have someone willing to pay for your skills, but what happens when they want something done that’s outside of your area of expertise? Partnering with others has many benefits. Besides being able to tackle larger jobs than you can handle alone, you can offer potential customers a better rounded package of skills.
It’s also useful to have someone to call when you get stuck on a problem (”hey, can you see what’s wrong with this ……..?”) or to just remind you why you gave up the security of corporate life in the first place. But how do you build up a network of people to work with, particularly if your work is entirely virtual?

Here are some ways to find your future virtual team.

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Og lidt om Sverige på hovedet.

Når jeg nu roser det Svenske system, skal jeg nok på samme tidspunkt komme med en anden advarsel – om et tåbeligt regelsæt der findes her i Sverige.

Jeg bor i en by der hedder Oxie – og til min togstation koster taxien (200SEK) for at komme til toget. Hvis jeg ankommer med toget og skal køre tilbage – så er prisen en del højere (250SEK). Hvad fanden sker der??

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Skatten Ned – Svenskerne gør det !!

Tænk sig, dette Social Demokratiske samfund jeg bor i (Sverige) har taget en kæmpe beslutning – Fradraget for at have et arbejde er sat op – således at en ansat i Sverige med en indkost på ca 40.000 pr måned (Svenske) får cirka 1000 kroner mere udbetalt pr måned.

Tænk sig – fradraget gælder ”kun for de ansatte” ikke for folk med overførelses indkomster eller andre former for tilskud, kan kun løftes via din lønseddel.

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