Summertime, anything better?

Having spent a few years abroad – I still have to say that what we see these days (in both Sweden and Denmark) is the start of something hopefully excellent; a wonderful hot summer.

I loved my 4 years in Singapore, I love the time spend in Asia and their wonderful Climate, but days like what we have here in May (20-22 Celsius) and sunshine, with no winds, just make me love this place.

I even spent time (this weekend) painting my fence (at the house), with wonderful help from my boys  – and I did not even complain about the task  Perhaps its spring, perhaps I am just an optimist, but I do love this time.

Keep the 40 Celsius, and the constant sun (in Singapore). I do love it for short time, but I love Scandinavia – and the fact that our climate changes and we always have new expressions, outside our door.

Both the hedgehogs and the rabbits are seen outside, I think it’s going to be a nice spring.
And for those of you, who hasn’t seen the Turning Torso in Malmo – do take the time, it’s an amazing building.

What is CLM – Agnitio A/S

I have now been with Agnitio for more than a month, and people ask me what i am doing for them, so i better take the time to explain – what we are doing, our roles and our objectives.

CLM (Closed loop Marketing) is a procedure of which organizations (our customers) does perform a controlled sales process. We provide them with software to design, run and present their products in a controlled manner, which at the end makes sure that we would know, what the client have seen and when he did that.

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