Skal Danmark være verdens frilandsmuseum

Så skal vi nok fortsætte som vi gør idag, for dem af jer der har lyst til at læse en glimrende artikel (Lars Kolind) så tag lige og drop ind på hans blog, og læs videre.


Speak up your mind.

One of my favorite expressions these days (actually months) have been –

”If you want your dreams to come true, the first thing is to wake up !!. ”

I think this line has so much truth in it, and I have often wondered over – what we sometimes are afraid of.

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Summertime, anything better?

Having spent a few years abroad – I still have to say that what we see these days (in both Sweden and Denmark) is the start of something hopefully excellent; a wonderful hot summer.

I loved my 4 years in Singapore, I love the time spend in Asia and their wonderful Climate, but days like what we have here in May (20-22 Celsius) and sunshine, with no winds, just make me love this place.

I even spent time (this weekend) painting my fence (at the house), with wonderful help from my boys  – and I did not even complain about the task  Perhaps its spring, perhaps I am just an optimist, but I do love this time.

Keep the 40 Celsius, and the constant sun (in Singapore). I do love it for short time, but I love Scandinavia – and the fact that our climate changes and we always have new expressions, outside our door.

Both the hedgehogs and the rabbits are seen outside, I think it’s going to be a nice spring.
And for those of you, who hasn’t seen the Turning Torso in Malmo – do take the time, it’s an amazing building.

What is CLM – Agnitio A/S

I have now been with Agnitio for more than a month, and people ask me what i am doing for them, so i better take the time to explain – what we are doing, our roles and our objectives.

CLM (Closed loop Marketing) is a procedure of which organizations (our customers) does perform a controlled sales process. We provide them with software to design, run and present their products in a controlled manner, which at the end makes sure that we would know, what the client have seen and when he did that.

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