Work in Kiew

Have now been twice in Kiev here in April and it has been quite a pleasure to see the colleagues there. My company have a joint development center in Ukraine, since we are not able to find qualified staff in Denmark/Sweden – we have to fish a little bit deeper to get the knowledge we need.

Our application is based on a software called Flex/Air (Flash alike) from Adobe and there has not been a lot with this background – to make a future foundations for our services.

The Adobe framework is a completely new software category (RIA = Rich Internet Applications) where we wish to have a web based software solution work like a standard desktop solution, in a simple manner, without loosing the features which are presents in the desktop applications.

Agnitio have decided to setup operations (Development) center in Kiev, and i have had the pleasure to be there working with the guys (and girls) down there. It is very fun to see the difference between working in Denmark (development team) and in Kiev.

There are very highly qualified consultants in Kiev, and i can feel that they are very capable of their jobs, but the one thing that are obvious is the team work spirit, that has to be improved and secured. Somehow i feel that we (in Denmark) are much better team players, whereas the Kiev (Russians/Ukrainians) are still there to prove their own personal value.

This is something we have to work on in future.


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