Playing at the (Wii) Playground

If you even need something nice for the kids (and the home) – do consider the Nintendo Wii – Its bundles of joy – fun and a little bit of exercise for us, who doesn’t get around doing it the traditional way (exercise I am talking about !!) We bought a very funny game during Xmas – and haven’t stopped laughing:


As we all know, the brilliance of the Wii isn’t in the graphics and details, it’s in the game.

Lets talk about the Playground.

The setting is a school playground, and the hook is playing playground games using our Wiimote, collect stickers to unlock advanced moves and open new play areas.

They are :

  • Dodgeball,
  • Tetherball,
  • and Wallball, which all utilize the Wiimote in interesting ways;

and the not-so-classic games,

  • Kicks (volleyball + soccer),
  • Slot Car Racing,
  • Paper Racers (flying paper airplanes for distance),
  • and Dart Shootout.

The graphics are typical for the Wii – nothing fancy, but nicely animated, and the play is very enjoyable, each game calling for interesting use of the Wiimote.

As said elsewhere, there’s no way they could make these games work on “standard computers”, but with the Wiimote, its loads of fun.

This is another title that shows off what is best about the Wii. It’s not about high-resolution first-person shooters, where everything is rendered perfectly; it’s about enjoying the game that can be shared with family and friends. My kids and I have a blast playing it; I wish I had more time to play with them.


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