He's got the whole world ….

If you are like me, unning around offices and doing different tasks for different clients, the you should try Portableapps. The idea is using common applications like Firefox, ftp, documents, and others –  have been changed so that they will run of a USB Keyring, preserving settings, cookies, logins, everything.

This in itself is cool, and i find it a life saver during my daily work. Once you get used to running applications from USB, setting up short cuts etc, it is just like normal computing.

What to use….

I haven’t tried them all, but the ones I have ill say what I think in a one liner:

* Portable Firefox – Can you argue against this one.
* Portable Filezilla – If you need a FTP client I think this is .
* Pidgen, well messengers are everything.
* Openoffice, well why not 🙂

The future is portable

Surely this has to be the way forward in computing. Small USB/Card based operating systems that can be inserted and run on any/many systems. When my settings from my PC are carried over to different devices, that has to be the near future. Even with the network’ed computer – there is something very intuitively comfortable about “to have and to hold”.

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