Project Management – Bullets to remember.

Please find this article on the web. It may be long, it may be difficuelt to read – but it surely makes sense.

30. To motivate, you have to empower. Motivation involves not only being enthusiastic and pumped up about approaching the task, but also involves being equipped with the tools and the ability to complete the assignment. When you delegate an assignment, convey to the team member that it is now THEIR exclusive responsibility that the job gets done. If it doesn’t, they will be held accountable.


One thought on “Project Management – Bullets to remember.

  1. I believe the importance of a lot of those points, including how to motivate, fluctuates a lot from culture to culture.

    Check out Geert Hofstede for more info on cultural differences in international organisations:

    Sounds boring, but is actually pretty interesting 🙂

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