Playing at the (Wii) Playground

If you even need something nice for the kids (and the home) – do consider the Nintendo Wii – Its bundles of joy – fun and a little bit of exercise for us, who doesn’t get around doing it the traditional way (exercise I am talking about !!) We bought a very funny game during Xmas – and haven’t stopped laughing:


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Nye tider, nyt år. (Del 2)

Sommeren (hvem kan huske den) gik med arbejde og lidt faren frem og tilbage (Jylland, vi fik set lidt forskellige steder i Sverige) – samt hvad der nu ellers faldt os for gode varer. Vi fik jo ikke ligefrem ”Singapore vejr” – men fik da god udnyttelse af Grill og have, selv om vi sagtens kunne have klaret mere.

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(0-2) – Mig mod volvo

Havde en ”rigtig dejlig dag” i går – syntes lige at jeg ville dele mine erfaringer med dem der har interesse.

Det lykkedes mig i weekenden at efterlade kabinelyset i min bil tændt – resultat = et stk meget fladt batteri mandag aften, og et behov for at få naboens assistance med start kabler.

Efter en halv times forsøg, lykkedes det os ikke at få liv i bilen; beslutning at ringe efter vej assistance onsdag – da jeg alligevel skulle sidde hjemmefra og arbejde med noget dokumentation for kontoret.

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Happy 4-year birthday – Max Damian Jensen

A very happy birthday to Max, on his 4-year birthday. He is growing up to be a very independent young boy, and with a very special opinion about his own abilities and skills.


We will celebrate here in Oxie, with a small private party for friends of max at home, as well with his grandparents from Denmark. Greetings just leave them here on the website.

Don’t kill the “messenger”

But do us a favor and take into consideration – that a messenger can be a distraction – if we are busy with other work (and this was also a mental note to my own ego).

MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and others; we tend to be 100% available all the time, but we also have to secure a better working life with a messenger. Here are some online advice, of how to work with this technology and how to proceed enjoying it.

10 ways – of how to avoid getting successful.

Based on John McKees list of the most undesirable working habits, I would like to add my own comments.

  1. Please avoid staying up to date – this is the sure way to be “out of touch” with both colleagues and partners. Sure, it’s always a pleasure for a colleague to help each other, but at the end of the day – if you bring nothing to the table, why are you taking up the space?
  2. Do not provide any results (or expected results). It is not enough to be available; sometime the goal in a boring match is all that matters.
  3. Be impersonal – stay at your desk. The one who doesn’t get around in the organization is not visible and not the person who will be approached, once the shit hits the fan. And remember, if not visible – how to be included in the important decisions.
  4. I am impossible to replace … Duh… What do you leave behind in a glass of water, when you remove your finger.. Nothing…
  5. I know everything about this job. (See #1). A true winner spends most his time tracing down the next opportunity for success.
  6. I have my friends here (Support Group). Well, if you are not being challenged – you are not in the loop. A true winner (and a winning team) will always challenge each other, for the next success. It’s like a drug 
  7. Accept all credit – even when it’s not earned. Do remember that sharing credit is to share responsibility. It your team members also feel that credit was given to them, they also “own the job” and will raise to the occasion and give a second success.
  8. Marketing – Well, availability. Show that you are there, and make sure that you are visible. Don’t brag – but do show that most jobs (relevant or not) is something that you are no stranger to and someone who is not afraid of a new challenges.
  9. Ask for help; involve your colleagues. Search for advice, feedback in process or before delivery, a second opinion should always be welcome, and does provide you with the opportunity to create an alliance with a colleague or a new friend.
  10. Set ambitions – make a plan… If not, how do you know your targets and where to go.