Our youngest son (Max) is attending a kindergarten here in Oxie. I have to praise our lucky star – that we were able to get him in there, since this place is really something special.

Having a kid, who was only able to speak English, it was a very (unexpected) nice surprise (or luck) to have an English kindergarten teacher, who was able to provide Max with the comfort zone of coming to a new place, with his own language; basically he is well adopted into the system and are now mixing between the Swedish and English language as well.


The kindergarten has this approach to nap time, that the kids are given beds for outside sleeping, and when packed they are actually sleeping outside. This is the first time I have heard about this approach (Max is not sleeping) but seeing these “sleeping bags of kids” outside – is just an amazing thing. I have never heard about this before.

Its a wonderful thing to have the kid totally adjusted to the kindergarten, it’s a bunch of very active kids, who are chatting away all day, and only when you pick them up at the end of the day, you find out – that 50% of these are danish kids, since in daytime, they forget all about this and have all their activities in Swedish. Talk about integration, these kids would never in their future find anything unusual about having 2 or 3 languages at home.

If you have the desire, then read here. (Swedish)



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