Daily trip on the train, well – this is the challenge that we all would face. I would not be in the situation that I would complain about the service; I don’t like travelling with an eye on the clock, so it doesn’t bother me (that much) if the train is 5 minutes delayed.

But, to be honest – there are periods where a train on time is rather unusual (well un-expected) and delays have (and is) a frequent expectation for me travelling between Malmoe and Copenhagen. I don’t check the time table’s anymore (In Denmark) – since they would most likely not come on time, and with 20 minutes departure, you are always close to something (well even with 20 minutes between departures, I have experienced 60 minutes or more delay ?)

In all fairness, the logistic is a nightmare (I am sure for the contractor), and I hope within time, that they will make it better, since sometimes it does suck. It takes me on a good day app. 75 minutes to get there, on a bad I have been close to 150 minutes the same distance. The problem is that it hits you without knowing it.


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