Been to Turkey (Holiday)

Well, actually – this posting should have been done a few weeks back, but I have been awfully busy with my job, and haven’t had a moment (well, I had – but not the ones I was waiting for) for myself.

Went to Turkey with my kids (Nikita and Max) end of October, spend two weeks down there with my mother (Elena was studying in Sweden) and had a wonderful time down there. As you might be able to see on our pictures, we had a fair deal of opportunities to enjoy the beach and swim there.

Although – it’s not exactly the prime holiday season – we had some wonderful weeks there, there was not to crowded, and there was no real pressure on getting around doing things, We could sleep as long as we wished, TV was at the kids disposal (well sort of) and the places was not overcrowded with tourists – which at the end did make it possible for us to make some quite ok deals on the market down there.

I must admit that Antalya (Lara Beach) was a wonderful place; I can surely understand why my mother (and brother) decided to purchase the place there – it makes perfect sense to me, and I hope to get around there in near future.

Please feel free to see our pictures from there.


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