Our youngest son (Max) is attending a kindergarten here in Oxie. I have to praise our lucky star – that we were able to get him in there, since this place is really something special.

Having a kid, who was only able to speak English, it was a very (unexpected) nice surprise (or luck) to have an English kindergarten teacher, who was able to provide Max with the comfort zone of coming to a new place, with his own language; basically he is well adopted into the system and are now mixing between the Swedish and English language as well.


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Lunch in Swedish Schools

Having two kids, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this was also investigated and information was retrieved even before moving here, but let me share the experience so far.

First of all – the Swedish society seems to appreciate the kids more than done in Denmark. Something as simple as a breakfast – is given to the kids who start in the early hours (sometimes I have to deliver my oldest before 7.30 – due to traveling) – and as long as he is there before 7.30 – a nice (healthy) meal is provided in the school.

Lunch – a warm meal is also provided in school, a menu card (to envy the kids) are provided each quarter, the meals are planned, healthy and ecological – something that we really appreciate.

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I am living without MS-Word. And it did set me free.

Please read this article by Damon Darlin, a New York Times tech reporter, who recently wrote about his decision to use Google Apps when faced with even a fairly modest $150 outlay for a family version of Office. What he’s discovered is that the online suite actually suits his needs better than Microsoft’s workhorse. He declares: “I’ve lived for a month without Word. And it has set me free.”

Once people get used to using the online apps at home or at school (or both), they may well find the idea of buying an expensive piece of software, and regularly patching and updating it to be awfully old-fashioned.

I find daily work with my Google documents sufficient, and I do feel free to 🙂


Daily trip on the train, well – this is the challenge that we all would face. I would not be in the situation that I would complain about the service; I don’t like travelling with an eye on the clock, so it doesn’t bother me (that much) if the train is 5 minutes delayed.

But, to be honest – there are periods where a train on time is rather unusual (well un-expected) and delays have (and is) a frequent expectation for me travelling between Malmoe and Copenhagen. I don’t check the time table’s anymore (In Denmark) – since they would most likely not come on time, and with 20 minutes departure, you are always close to something (well even with 20 minutes between departures, I have experienced 60 minutes or more delay ?)

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Behold the new wonders of y favorite social networking site:

The site has been through some changes and has now launched their new services on a brand new (and redesigned homepage) which imho looks quite appealing. New features would include:

Company News, (Better) Network Updates and the Opportunity to make “Modules”.

This, and the connection with the OpenSocial Members (Oracle / Salesforce and many more) provides a possible platform for all of us who wish to be connected, but just can’t agree on the right platform. OpenSocial is the Google Solution to this problem, providing the glue that makes it all happen. I hope this will be a success, and until then – see you on

Moving to Sweden

Just to give you a little background of the situation here. First of all – when Sweden and Denmark made the “Øresundsregion” – no one had expected the changes it gave to our region.

Well, they made a bridge (Huge bridge) and was hoping to secure a better foundation for the business in the region, but the recent years positive economic development (Especially in Denmark) changed the objective for quite a lot of people (myself inclusive).

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