How – not to use PowerPoint

Please see this one, There is a HUUUGE lesson to be learned.


Learning Chinese in 5 Minutes

Having spent 4 years in Singapore – it is a pain for me that I was not able to learn the Chinese language – and only now I have found the solution.

Taking into consideration – this simple 5 minutes crash course – I am sad to say that I might have missed my opportunity.
I would like to pass this one on to you guys – so you can benefit from it.

Who’s in charge ? (Part 1)

During my work as IT-Consultant there have been several occasions where a project has been de-railed, and the discussion has always been – whose responsible (ie. Blaming someone) and who is innocent.

Basically, the discussion is not always that simple. In these situations – it’s always an advantage to look behind you (in the project phases) and investigate the reason for this “de-railing”.

Most of the cases I see one of the following patterns – and I do believe that this is not unusual:

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Free advice, or just a suggestion !!

In this day and age, computers are increasingly becoming the primary means of communication for many people, both in the personal arena and for business. Because of this important function, computers are essentially hubs of information, both outgoing and incoming.

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