Nikita’s holiday (Part 2)

June 2007: Having a week home to recover after summer-camp (and wash clothes for new holiday) we had to send him on the plane towards Russia (St. Petersburg) where he would spend the summer with his Babushka once again.

It is surely something that makes him very proud – that he can travel alone to Russia (Issued with tickets and money to buy cola on the plane) – makes him feel very grown up; he is actually now considering this procedure something normal (done it once before :-)) – but he is surprised that he is the only one from his school who is doing this – but i guess they are not as fragmented family as our, spread over the different locations.

According to the information we have received, he spent time in cirkus, tivoli’s, amusement parks and with Babushka on different locations and with friends.
Most notable, was the fact that he went to a Delphinarium and running ice skating @ Ikea in St. Petersburg – so he was spent very busy.

Elena’s mother has informed us that after his departure her apartment is very quit and calm, something that are easy to imagine, since the “Tornado” came back to us in Sweden. But it is obvious that the holiday alone is something he does enjoy – and it makes miracles for his language skills (The Russian one) – which we couldn’t get otherwise.


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