Nikita’s summer holiday (Part 1)

June 2007: A certain young gentleman (our son for those who are in doubt) have just completed a rather active holiday season.

Just finishing his school season – time was up for summer camp and getting to know new friends there. He had to spend 2 weeks in a camp in a forest – being on his own.

We were rather interested in getting this experience for him, could he handle the fact that he had to take care of everything himself and – based on the guidance of the counselors in the camp.

One week (end) into the holiday we took the trip to Hassleholm – the location of the camp which where app 150 kilometer north from us. It was a nice area – but our weekend trip did drown in rain – a sad situation since the kids had prepared a day of events for their parents – due to the tradition of ”Midsommer” – which is the celebration of summer; unfortunate drowned in rain !!!

My father had taken the trip to Sweden – to visit us and Nikita on camp – unfortunately time spent in rain, but it was surely something that Nikita liked (for about the 5 minutes he spent with us).

Basically – he loved being there – new friends and games, new ways to get dirty and a whole new world was open for him, and upon receiving him the weekend after in Malmø – he stated that he wanted to go there next year. We hope it will be possible.


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