News from the front :-) Working hours

So – what’s been going on lately – here at the Jensen Camp. Well – first of all my deepest excuses to all my friends – who used to read my blog and messages here on line, I have been focused on my new job and the actions involved.

First of all – i have spent some time finding (my own kind of order) in the setup and structure of the organization (The Danish Nurses Organization) where i work today.

Having spent time getting an overview of the services that Axapta provide, and the features that are being used. We have had visitors from the Portuguese Government – who was interested in the way we are using it for Human Resource work – and have had colleagues from the network popping by – to see some of our services we provide to employees and members of the organization.

I have done my homework (and evening work) in setting up a recovery plan and restore plan – since these things was purely in the hands of the suppliers – something that we found rather unnecessary.

Investigation and research time in regards to usage of SQL 2005 Reporting Services and a potential project in the organization has taken time and focus in my daily life – it’s nice to continue down the path that was laid in NEXTINNOVATION – and now we continue in the DNO – things do come back – if you just wait and see.

And at last – trying to support and structure our time registration (for Projects in the IT Department) – again with the use of our ERP (Project Module) has been proposed to the management – lets see what they are gong to say to our suggestions – here when the holidays are over.

So basically – the first 4 months in DNO has not been boring – there has been quite a loot of actions to attend – and i have to say its quite a change of environment – to move from the typical supplier role (IT-Solution Provider) to a role of purchasing and evaluation other companies services.


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