Nikita’s holiday (Part 2)

June 2007: Having a week home to recover after summer-camp (and wash clothes for new holiday) we had to send him on the plane towards Russia (St. Petersburg) where he would spend the summer with his Babushka once again.

It is surely something that makes him very proud – that he can travel alone to Russia (Issued with tickets and money to buy cola on the plane) – makes him feel very grown up; he is actually now considering this procedure something normal (done it once before :-)) – but he is surprised that he is the only one from his school who is doing this – but i guess they are not as fragmented family as our, spread over the different locations.
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Been to Russia to Long

** Please note, this one has been used before on the web-site – but hasn’t lost its touch with daily life with a Russian. And do believe me, i love the Russians (if you ever where in doubt)


1. You don’t think things are that bad right now.
2. You have to think twice about throwing away an empty instant coffee jar.
3. You carry a plastic shopping bag with you “just in case”.
4. You say he/she is “on the meeting” (instead of “at the” or “in a” meeting).
5. You answer the phone by saying “allo, allo, allo” before giving the caller a chance to respond.

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Børnenes Gård.

Juni 2007: Under surfing på internettet fandt vi en legeplads (legeland) som dog lå lidt fra os – men som så spændende ud og en oplevelse som vi mente vi skulle give ungerne, så pakket volvo’en og afsted til “Barnens Gard” i Karlskrona.



En dejlig tur på tværs af landet og efter ca 200 kilometer ankom vi til en bondegård der var bygget om til legeplads og vandland for ungerne.

Det var i starten af sommeren men godt vejr (rigtig dejligt vejr) ikke for mange mennesker og masser af aktiviteter for ungerne.

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News from the front :-) Technology at home

Well – basically, when there are time for work – there are also energy for private projects at home. And surely – i feel that i have been busy … With nothing…. Took some time off (the web) to focus and close all ongoing actions here at home, and trying to establish what is necessary for me and my ambitions – as well as trying to take some time off.

But – I have still found my time on the computer – trying to catch up (and close projects) something that has been my utmost pleasure:

  • Closing down several email accounts
  • Closing down web hosting – moving domains.
  • Closing down messengers and subscriptions that is not in use anymore.

I have to say – that in more than one case – I believe that closing down a service is next to impossible and i have the suspicion that certain companies (yahoo, icq, msn and others) are speculating in keeping these unused accounts – just to be able to counts users by numbers.

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