Picnic and presentation day in school

We had the pleasure of being invited to the school here in Oxie, to see the show made by the kids. They have been practising a story and some songs for their parents – and after the performance they took us outside for a picnic (see the pictures here).

The kids were proudly presenting the story “Sleeping Beaty” – as well as a number of songs – which they enthusiastic did perform in front of us. As you can see in the pictures – Nikita was the King – giving a good presentation in Swedish.

We have to say it – He doesn’t even think about the fact that he is fluent i 4 languages now – and its a rather nice fact that he is popular in school – mostly because of his open mind and effort to blend in and being a part of the game.


The day ended up with some fun and games outside – playing ball, running and basically see a lot of people from his class – then Nikita would be in his best mood. And even Max found himself a King of the day – Several of the girls from Nikita’s class do find him quite interesing – also due to the fact the he speaks English – which they find cool 🙂




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