Looking for a new camera ?

One of the things that have been preventing me from upgrading my (2004) decent camera is that I haven’t kept up with the technology. As cameras have advanced in features and the megapixels have increased, my desire for studying the dozens of models has not been present. So last month I did some homework and I finally made the buy.

I am no photo-pro or a wannabe that wants to submit photos to anyone hoping for a future paycheck. My needs were simple – I needed something for pictures of the kids, family life, etc. Regardless of your intentions, here are a few tips that really stood out to me and helped.

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Perfect Presentations

A few people have asked me advice about presentation – how to achieve the perfect presentation and how to approach an upcoming event at hand.

I don’t know if I have the right answer to this question – but i can surely point towards an interesting website that I am monitoring. An old, but rather good article show the difference between two people with a different approach – Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft).