New job – and new focus

Dear all. Just to let you know, that I recently have joined the Danish Nurses Organization here in Denmark and I will be working there as IT-Planner / Architect.

My job scope involves many different tasks: First trying to get hold on the current status on the Dynamics’ AX Project in there, as well as consolidation of knowledge / usage and trying to provide the users with opportunity to harvest greater value out of this ERP-Package.

I must admit that the environment in such an organization is quite different that what I have been used to – and the requirements also differs from those found in the supplier world – where I have been living for more than 10 years.

I have now had my days in there for 30 days – and I find the challenges “a handful for now” and can see the (hopefully) positive impact a person like myself having on this organization – as well as the fact that I myself can harvest skills that I haven’t had the opportunity for before – amongst other thing, the pure focus on education and consolidation of Project Management Skills – as well as working more hands on with certain tolls and applications (SharePoint and Reporting Services) might come in handy in the years to come.

Interesting opportunities lies ahead of me, i believe.


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