One Laptop pr Child

I caught a story aired on 60-Minutes last weekend regarding a non-profit project called “One Laptop Per Child”. The projects goal is as simple as the organizations name. They put together a team of engineers who developed a tough and inexpensive laptop. The founder of the project is MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte.

There are several things that has grabbed my attention with this story during the last year. First, Negroponte mentioned that some of the children who have been given one of these laptops have never seen any form of electricity before.

Read the article from CBS News

See information about the project here


Please visit my hosting provider

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M$ reveals new anti-Linux weapon

Today, Microsoft unveiled their latest technological development and answer to the growing threat of Open Source Software to their business model. And although it’s still in its beta stage, we were allowed a glimpse of this innovative product, codenamed “Precision Patent Penguin Powergun”, or P4 for short.

The P4 features many patented innovations, among which the Live PenguinSight automatic aiming mechanism, the Live EvidenceShield proof deflector, and, last but not least, Live KillerPatent (patent pending), Microsoft’s innovative concept of using unsubstantiated patent threats as ammunition. Especially the latter innovation is expected to radically alter the way of doing business, moving away from the outmoded, cumbersome model of competing on quality and price, towards the vastly more economical and direct approach of simply telling your competitors that they should pay you for offering their own products to the world, lest you sue them.
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Is there an alternative to Microsoft Share point ?

As some of you actually know, I am really keen on the Microsoft Share point 2007 Solution – and believe it’s a rather interesting tool for business solutions.

But the tool comes with the obvious dependency of Microsoft Software, you need their Windows Servers, Workstations, Microsoft Office 2007 Software and most likely more will find yourself in pipeline for future investments in the product.

But behold – there is an alternative from O3spaces – made for OpenOffice.


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New job – and new focus

Dear all. Just to let you know, that I recently have joined the Danish Nurses Organization here in Denmark and I will be working there as IT-Planner / Architect.

My job scope involves many different tasks: First trying to get hold on the current status on the Dynamics’ AX Project in there, as well as consolidation of knowledge / usage and trying to provide the users with opportunity to harvest greater value out of this ERP-Package.
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Burning the midnight oil.

Recently – I have spent some time with some personal projects – as well as just cleaning up the mess I have left at home on my computers – while finishing my old job in NEXTINNOVATION and starting the new one at the Danish Nurses Organization.
I wont disclose anything about these project at this time, but just try and remind you all about a certain feature on the web, which might be known by many – but I am sure more of my friends could find the value in using it.

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