Being to optimistic

In our daily actions – we as consultants are talking to management within some of the major companies – and we find the current optimism and certainty of ones absolute superb future quite impressive, but to certain sense also a little bit over hyped.

Many companies are now in the situation that they believe in their own ability to succeed and prosper, in the future is a sure thing. We have almost reached the point of Religion – or Corporate Truth being the only truth.
At the same time, we see that someone who will challenged the existing status quo are becoming the “Menace of the organisation”

Some organisations are working towards “The Corporate Truth” and so much want to make sure that “everyone knows that they are doing the right thing”. Everyone behaves like the captain of Titanic, they don’t take the Icebergs as a warning – “We Can’t Sink”. And when reality one days catches up with them, they are hit very, very hard….

Passionate people can be a menace, but only to an organisation who does not wish to change. We all have to try and make sure that we generate the most out of our opportunities even if its only a matter of writing an email to a client, having internal meeting, or perform routine jobs within logistics – we can make a difference.

If you don’t find yourself in an organisation, where you are able to perform and provide value – do take the time and look for new waters. It’s only within such an organisation, the future lies. Be passionate with everything in your life, and you will succeed.


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