Asking, but perhaps not wanting an answar ?

So Dell emulated digg and put the idea to use in letting people submit and vote for ideas to be implemented at Dell. The result was Dell Idea Storm.

Now maybe Dell regrets it, just a wee bit.

You see, the popular requests page right now is dominated by Linux-oriented requests. The most popular idea is for machines with Linux (Ubuntu/OpenSUSE/Fedora) pre-installed.

Followed closely by an idea to distribute PCs with OpenOffice preinstalled. There are popular ideas that suggest PCs without Windows installed, PCs with open-source Linux drivers etc.

Now, for Dell, it would be a small publicity setback if they do not act on at least a few of these ideas – them being the most popular ideas. It will be interesting to see how it develops. I hope Dell does not just seem to be attentive to customers, and actually gives them what they demand.


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