Being to optimistic

In our daily actions – we as consultants are talking to management within some of the major companies – and we find the current optimism and certainty of ones absolute superb future quite impressive, but to certain sense also a little bit over hyped.

Many companies are now in the situation that they believe in their own ability to succeed and prosper, in the future is a sure thing. We have almost reached the point of Religion – or Corporate Truth being the only truth.
At the same time, we see that someone who will challenged the existing status quo are becoming the “Menace of the organisation”

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Elena holder vinterferie.

Konen havde længe gået og sukket efter en ferie / tur til Rusland – og her i februar fik vi endelig mulighed for at sende hende af sted.

Da hendes mor (Babuska) skulle holde 60års fødselsdag – syntes vi (drengene og jeg) at det var en god ide at hun tog af sted uden os – jeg havde sikret mig hjælp fra min far og lidt efterfølgende ferie – så det hele kunne gå op i en højere ordning.

Se billederne her……

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Take charge of your time.

The simple, unpleasant truth is that we are probably busier than we ever have been. Never mind the fact that little science backs up this notion, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.

“You can see it all around us,” – “People talk too fast. We’re always in a rush. We start things and don’t finish them and are constantly nagged by the idea that we’ve forgotten to do something, but we’re not sure what it is.”

But can we reduce stress. Think about it as adding an extra hour to your day through time-management techniques.

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Getting Started with Linux (for Newbies)

Although I’ve gone on a bit about Linux history and what it does, the primary goal of my message is to make you take the plunge and let you try it it out – and in finally is to get you using it. To that end, I’d like to describe some things that might help you get started with Linux.

While Linux will run great on many low-end computers (even some old 486s and arly Pentiums), if you are completely new to Linux, I recommend that you start ith a PC that has a little more muscle. Here’s why:

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