ASP – What are you afraid off?

Having offered Applications on Rental Services (Application Service Provider) for many years, it has become obvious that many organisations are terrified of having outsourced services, and I must admit that I fail to see why!

  1. You get the opportunity to try something new. You may not have decided on E-Commerce yet, so why not jump into the water and see if you can swim. Less than 10% of the Retails and B2B selling portals out there do benefit from their own solution; 90% could just as easy use something simple and standardized.
  2. You don’t have to make the initial investment. The Servers are there, the applications are there – you just add yourself and the required information .. Then you are ready to go.
  3. I am special – well so you are… But are you really that special that you find yourselves in the situation that you wish to stay special. And whet is the initial cost of this “Uniqueness”
  4. My data are not safe …. Bah….. Not true. Your hosting provide should provide you with regular backups off the content and regular off-site backups / exports mailed / forwarded to your designated destination / email account.
  5. The site is not secure… Well – hardly any of the SMB/SME’s who would greatly benefit from the Applications hosted – does employ security consultants. Do you ?
  6. What are you waiting for?

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