Google RSS Reader – Review

OK, I admit it: at long last, I’ve switched to Google’s RSS Reader. I was perhaps in a bit of denial at first, but it rocks and the more I use it, the more I appreciate its simple design and straight-forward functionality.

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What does it take to be a star performer?

Is it hard work, talent, determination, a positive attitude, support from others? The answer lies in a combination of these things. First, let’s define a star performer.

Stars are people who are on top of their game, make their work look like a “piece of cake”, and produce “positive results”.

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I’m in love with web applications.

I use multiple computers, running multiple operating systems. so I find it extremely convenient to access my mail through the GMail web interface, I do all my blog reading through Reader online, and I am amazed about the usage of Google Documents which could be my single content repository for all my articles and writings once they fix a couple of things. I am also keen on sharing my photos with my family through Picasa.

The thing is, I am starting to feel the limit of free usage, and now that I am thinking about subscribing to all the services I’d like to use, and wonder what this “freedom would cost me” ?

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Arbejde i Spanien.

Lige et feedback om en af de opgaver jeg har været på her for nyligt – nemlig besøg hos en kunde i Bilbao.

Lidt forhistorie: Kunden laver løsninger til transport sektoren (tog, fly med mere) og er en del af en større international koncern.

Kunden er på udkig efter en standard løsning / økonomi system – der i første omgang burde dække deres behov, og kampen står mellem Tyske SAP og Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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