Baby is sent through X-ray machine at LAX

It turns out that this is actually bad grand-parenting. A 56-year old non-English speaking woman put her month-old grandson into a plastic bin and slid it into the airport security bag scanner at Los Angeles International Airport.

After airport security personnel discovered what had happened they call paramedics who determined the baby was okay. As a precautionary measure the baby was taken to a nearby hospital, a move the grandmother resisted (strike two).

It turns out that the amount of radiation that one gets from a pass-thru of one of those machines is roughly equivalent to the dosage of cosmic rays you get just walking around in a typical day. In other words, not much. Still, it is incomprehensible that someone would put their child (or in this case, their child’s child) into a machine.

And for our commenters who will want to blame the TSA and point out that the grandmother didn’t speak English, I’d just like to say that some things (like putting kids on conveyor belts) are universal and don’t require multi-language signage.


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